Address The Aadhaar Card Address Home Like This

If you have a ID card issued by UIDAI that is a base card and your address is correct in it? It is compulsory to update your address.
If you have changed the home then you need to confirm the new address on the new support, you will have to update the address. Now, when almost the base card is mandatory in all places, keep in mind that your address address is correct. One good thing is that the support card address can be updated online from the UIDAI website.
This means that you can complete the updating of the old address in a few clicks while you are sitting home. To update the online address, first you have to go to the UIDAI website. Follow these steps for this
On the UIDAI website, click on the Address Update Request (online). After this the webpage will open in a new tab. Click to move forward and follow the directions.
Now, enter your base number and request an OTP. After this enter a text message code and place the OTP on the page.
After this, you will have to select one of two options to update the address of two cards. You will be asked for an area pin code or an alternative to the address.
Now, you have to prove the correct address to change the address of the base card. You will find options like passport, insurance policy, credit card statement, telephone bill (landline), property tax receipt, and ID proof.
Fill all the required information on the next page and click Submit.
The last step of this process is to select a BPO service provider. By clicking the radio button you can choose the name of the service provider and then submit it.
This process is easy to modify or replace a base card address. However, remember that by submitting only, your address will not be updated in UIDAI records. Before entering new addresses in the records, verification will be done due to the authentication process, that is, you should make sure that you have given the correct information. “- Address the address of the address Home Seen Like this Update


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