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To watch movies on your Android smartphone or tablet, you must first store some movies or stream movies through various services. Due to the large size of those films to store video files, we have to first convert it to its format and size so that it can be used to store the various movies. But this is not that easy, and the process is time consuming. Let’s know about some such apps where you can watch movies without any subscription …

This is the most popular app if you want to watch movies for free on Android. Crackal – Movies & TV allows you to watch Hollywood movies and TV shows on your phone. Here are many popular titles like Movies such as Inpeple Express, Big Daddy, Joy Dart, Layer Cake, MR Deed, Panic Room, SWA, SNATHH. New movies are edited every month in it. You will also get thousands full-length serial episodes from here. You can download Crackle from the Play Store.

Tubi TV can prove to be a great variant of Netflix. Through this app, you can watch movies and TV shows. The Tubi TV is present on platforms such as Android, iOS, Roku, Apple, X Box and Play Station. There are many options in Tubi TV. Going on, you can watch comedy, drama, horror, thriller, romance, action, documentary and family movie. More than 1, 9, 91 thousand users have received reviews on this app from Google Play Store.

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