Do not complete by August 31, this work will be canceled, your PAN card will be canceled

PAN card is one of the essential documents. For filing income tax returns or opening an account in the bank, a PAN card is required for each financial transaction. Not only that, the government has made Pan Card compulsory for shopping too. PAN card is a document that also shows your financial status, but what happens if your PAN card gets annihilated? This can happen. If you do not complete a required work by August 31, then your PAN card can be canceled. This is the ultimate opportunity to save PAN card.

Last year the government asked Taxpayers to add support to Pan to fill IT returns. However, it later increased its deadline. The last date for linking Pan-base was up to March 2018, but the Supreme Court extended it due to hearing on the basis of the case.

In the last few days, the government said that 25% of Pancreas of about 30 crore Pan-donors have been linked to the support number. Three crore PAN cards were added to the base last year.

During the year of returning the government last year, 11.44 lakh leaves have been deactivated. The Minister of State for Finance also said in Parliament that this has been done in the case of people who have been allocated more than one PAN card. After that many people suspected that their paan card will also be closed somewhere.

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