Specially For SBI Customers, Now You Can Not Withdraw More Than 20 Thousand Rupees

Specially for SBI customers, now you can not withdraw more than 20 thousand rupees

SBI has made an important decision considering the fraud due to ATM card. India’s largest public sector bank State Bank of India is going to reduce the limit of withdrawal of ATMs from ATMs. The bank will reduce this limit to half. So far, you could raise up to 40 thousand rupees in a day, but after October 31, you will only get Rs 20 thousand.

A statement issued by the bank said that the decision has been taken to cheat on ATMs, complaints received by banks and increase digital. It has been decided to reduce the limit of people who have a debit card with a classic and Mastro platform

Fraud victims in ATMs often become classic card holders. The restrictions on cash withdrawal are coming before the festivals. Let’s say that some merchants are using some merchant mobile swipe machines on outlets. Some people are still using a debit card, in which there is a magnetic strip. The possibility of fraud like this type of card is increasing. Credit cards growth of some big banks is being increased by a small city and top 10 cardholders from outside the city are contributing 40-45% of the costs incurred

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